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RAY RAY19 has a meltdown GOOD STUFF for rayheads


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hes funny. he thinks he is a VIP because he paid his 55 bucks and he is mad, actually ballistic because his anti-cannizzaro thread was locked.

a must for any rayray19 fan like myself

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And here is my original complaint, without the segment of the VIP JI article.

Is it too much to ask, as a fanbase who has read your drivel for HOW long now as a beat reporter, to give us NEWS about the Jets without your whining and agenda against them because they are making you work a little harder to do YOUR JOB?

Anytime you want to hand that tough job of yours over, let us know.

If you can no longer tolerate the mean an awful things the Jets have done to you, the free buffets, a sideline view of every Jets practice and game, something any Jet fan would DREAM of having, access inside Weeb Ewbank Hall, sponsored golf tournaments, you know, all of those horrible and awful perks that you have as a Jets beat writer, anytime you want to give that up, LET US KNOW, let ME know.

I laugh when you beat reporters dig at Mangini from your protected little cubby holes, suggesting what Mangini has a right to do and what he doesn't. I mean WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND ANY OTHER BEAT REPORTER TO TELL MANGINI WHAT HE SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T BE DOING? I can CARE LESS about your access to the team, about what information you get, and how you get it. You blast Mangini because he has brought his experiences with SUCCESSFULL NFL HEAD COACHES and has applied much of what he has learned because IT WORKS, and because he doesn't have a couple of years of head coaching experience, or because he hasn't proved he can win yet, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS GOING TO TELL HIM HE DOESN'T YET HAVE THE RIGHT to run his team like some of the most successfull coaches to ever coach the game? No Mark, you aren't the only one, a case of tissues should be sent to your buddy Cimini too. In fact, check the women's bathroom, that is where the both of you should be spending part of your day anyway.

Let Eric Mangini do the things HE DOES HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO, and that is run HIS team the way HE feels neccessary to get us back on the winning track. How about applauding the guy for having a plan, and wanting to run his operation to give the team the most competitive edge possible. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS. Lord knows the both of you clowns would be ripping Mangini if he did NOT have a plan. Well he does, and part of it makes your life a little more difficult. You'll just have to cancel that extra tee time, and do a little more detective work. Sorry about that Mark, it's a rough life you lead.

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