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Will Curtis Travel With The Team


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I believe Mangini follows the old Parcells rule, injured players don't make the trip. Then I read this in Newsday today:

Mangini said even when he is not playing, Martin lends class and experience to the team.

"You can't get a better person than Curtis Martin," Mangini said. "I have two kids and I hope they grow up to be as good as Curtis Martin."

Then he paused. "Now, athletically, I doubt they will," he said with a smirk.

And I wonder -- will they bring Curtis along? He would be like another coach. ESPECIALLY when you consider that Barlow could use a positive influence around him and he looks up to Curtis.


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I think once he is placed on injured reserve and the media firestorm is over Curtis probably will travel with the team. It would be good for the young guys as well as give Mangini a hand.

Would be nice to see that Mangini is tough and has rules but knows when to bend them.

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