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09:23 AM EDT... Preseason Game: Giants at Jets Recap

posted by Bassett

Some quick thoughts from watching the game last night on NFL Network:

I think it's important to note that the Giants linemen Shaun O'Hara & Luke Petitgout didn't play.

The defense had a good start to the game... Vilma made a great stop on a short pass play to Barber.

First sack for the Jets and it's the same old BS... Blaylock is late to making a block to prevent the sack and he throws himself at the oppenents knees, which does nothing.

Jolley makes a mental lapse by lining up on the wrong side of the line, Pennington was NOT pleased.

Barlow fumbles on his second carry ... I am not worried ... yet, he barely knows what he is doing with the team at this point.

Bryan Thomas looks like he is coping in pass coverage. He hung (somewhat) with Tiki Barber in pass-defense.

Watching Blaylock, I think he will contribute nicely to the team this year (in a limited capacity).

Jolley's headbutt was priceless. Sam Madison did push him in the back of the head, but it was a fairly intentional headbutt on Jolley.

Special teams is looking good, if they can continue what we have seen in the preseason, they can keep the Jets in some games. That's gotta be better than whatever Football Outsiders ranked them.

Erik Coleman wasn't wasting any time and gets a pick in the first quarter.

Even without Abraham, Ellis looked good in the game, bringing pressure to the QB

D'brick's false starts were rough, but you know what's worse than those false starts? Adrian Jones turnstyle impersonation in relief ...

Glad to see McCareins contributing on offense.

on the play before the end of the half, baker and adrian jones both got flat out beat

Ben Graham knocked a 57 yard punt... insane

I like Robertson looks to be playing better on the end than in the middle

Leon Washington had some problems in pass protection.

After watching the game, Justin Miller's penalty makes more sense now ... he had been working against Plaxico Burress, and gotten slapped early, Burress also didn't even try to make a tackle on the Erik Coleman pick. He basically found Miller, grabbed his facemask and rode him to the ground.

I have to think that Cedric Houston is out of luck on this team now, with what Blaylock has shown in the past few weeks and the addition of Barlow.

Ray Mickens saw very little time during the game, not sure if this means he is saving him for the season, or he is ready to cut him loose.

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