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QB's: Ben Roethlisberger, Jake Delhomme, Chad Pennington

WR's: Steve Smith, Hines Ward, Laveranues Coles

RB's: Willie Parker, Reggie Bush, Kevin Barlow

TE's: Heath Miller, L.J. Smith

K's: Jay Feely

D: Brian Urlacher, Antonio Pierce

DB: Champ Bailey, Troy Polamalu, Justin Miller

DL: Julius Peppers

Only 3 of us showed up for the live draft so the other 5 ended up with no Defence and some have no kickers but they have 6-7 WR's 5-6 RB's, and 3-4 QB's. So they have to make cuts and there will be a lot of talent on waivers which I am number 4. I have two open spots and might get rid of LJ in favor of Daniel Graham or Vernon Davis who both went undrafted. anyhoo any thoughts would be great.

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