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Stud or Dud is back!! Week 1 picks here!


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Welcome once again to Smizzy's Stud or Dud game...If you forgot how to play here are the rules.

You pick 1 player each week to be the "stud " of the week. The scoring system is listed below...The guy who accumulates the most points over the course of the season will be crowned STUD Champion. The Champion will get 1,500 Vbookie points!!


6 pts for Every Rushing & Receiving TD

5 for Every 100 yd Rusher & 100 yd receivers

5 for 300 pass yds

4 for passing TD


* You can only pick a player once....Please keep track of who you pick.

* You must have you're picks in by 12:30 pm Sunday morning.

* If you select the same player twice you are eliminated from the game.

* Please make your selection BOLD and easy for me to read

Like this:

Week 1: Larry Johnson


Get in Early...Is pretty hard to make up points if you miss a week but we will be dropping the lowest week.

Greengal and Bwana Zulia hopefully are back again as our official score keepers! Thanks guys!

2004 Results:


2005 Results:


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Without Greengal & BZ I couldn't do this. They make stud or dud possible,thank them.

Please don't use BZ and Stud in the same sentence again. I am not secure enough with my own masculinity to deal with things like that.

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Change your post back! Cmon I was joking -- change it back. Don't go getting all soft on us. When we need soft we go to Smizzy.

nah.... i think you get toooooo much joy out of being compared to a girl...

wait!!! hey jfbm... i think i know where your bra's have been disappearing to!


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