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The Grades Are In


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The OL should be a C/C- at best. The run blocking was putrid. Katnik did a good job filling in... for his level of talent. Compared to most starting guards, he was horrible. You also have to dock points for almost getting our glass QB killed a few different times. It's bound to happen occasionally, but to let it happen when backed up against the end zone is just horrendous. Also, Brandon Moore, cut it the **** out with the holding penalties already. The OL did seem to be penalized (a lot), so I take a lot of points away.

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Ben Graham should demand a seperate grade for him rather than to be pulled down by Nugent misfires

Graham had a A plus game

I agree. I just heard Tom Coughlin on WFAN talking about how hard it is to return kicks with the "new Australian type punts" being kicked in the NFL. I like to think that Ben Graham has had a huge influence on Coughlin's beliefs.

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