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No Respect for Pennington on ATH

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Did you watch the whole show? Mariotti and Bob Ryan both praised Pennington in 1 of the nfl spots they talked on.
Yeah, I heard them say something afterwards, but I had tuned it out by then. Oh well. They still should have received at least some mention as a Week 1 surprise.
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Dude, It was Around the Horn for crying out loud. Lest you forget this is the same show in which Woody Paige said Curtis was not a hall of famer because he was never explosive.

yea Woody Paige the guy with the Giants helmet on the shelf behind him every show

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1 game..Chad deserves credit when he can finish a 16 game season.

boo come on the guy came back from 2 major surgeries and threw for 300 yards. i give him credit for going through another arduous rehabilitation and having the guts to go back out there and take his shots and not shy away from pass rushers. he showed poise, leadership and skill. i'm not saying we should automatically induct him into the HOF but don't understand why it's all or nothing with some people on chad either.

edit: also add in that he took a paycut to benefit the team. the guys' a class act and deserves more than a little credit.

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