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I don't think the Raiders could absorb the cap hit of trading Randy Moss. But the answer is he's worth Cotchery & our top 2nd without thinking about it. Oakland would never do that in a million years though.

Agreed on all counts.

I wanted us to get him when the Vikings were shopping him. So yes, I would take him.

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I'd drop our #1 pick this year for him before you blinked.

Thats not what I'd offer, but I think I would do that deal.

Honestly, I think our 2 2nd rd picks + 3rd rd pick might be enough for Randy Moss. I'd offer our 2 2nd rd picks and if thats not enuff, I'd throw in the 3rd rd pick and see if that stuck.

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I wanted Moss here when Minnesota was shopping him. I think he and Chad would be a great fit....

But for Cotch and a 2nd rounder? No thanks. He will be 30 next year, and Cotch is a star in the making. No way I would deal Cotchery, period.

Plus we need to build through the draft with YOUNG talented players. Plenty to choose from in the upcoming draft.

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