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Must be nice to have a goalie as your GM

Mike Martz

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With Rangers backup Max Montoya or who ever the Dev's backup will be, he might not even be the 3rd best goalie in his own market.

Al montoya is still a prospect, although a highly rated one. And Lundquist is far superior to DiPitero.

I find it comical that any team would give a 15 year deal to anyone. There is no injury protection for the Islanders, and this still counts heavily against their cap, at an average of 4.5 million per.

I dunno...............:confused:

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Wait until DiPietro plays a full season behind an NHL caliber defense, which he should have this year, then make a determination on him. I am not making excuses for him, at times last year he was bad but there were also far too many times when the AHL defense he had hung him out to dry. I just want to see him play in front of a solid defensive team with a good defensive minded coach like Nolan then we'll see what he has.

Right now, its way too early. The kid is very talented. And one thing I like about him is that he plays well when the pressure is on. His first playoff series against Tampa 2 years ago he did very well. He played well again in the Olympics last year and when he said the Islanders were gonna kick the Ranger's asses (hated the comment, but he said it) in the last contest of last season he backed it up by playing maybe his best game of the year.

The contract is just stupid. Nothing more else to say.

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