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By Tom Rock

Just got off the conference call with Bills head coach Dick Jauron. This guy makes Mangini seem like Dean Martin with a lampshade on his head. Jauron was nice enough, and he tried to answer the questions as best he could, but his speaking pace and tone made everybody listening a little tired. QB J.P. Losman was also on the conference call and I'll be that he won't have a career as a motivational speaker once his playing days are over. The Jets’ best chance to win on Sunday may be if Jauron gives a 20-minute pre-game pep talk.

A lot of similarities between the two teams this week. Both the Bills and Jets are teams that are rebuilding but have also found a bit of success early in the season. No one would have batted an eye if either team was 0-2 at this point. They also share the misery of coming close to beating the Patriots. Of course, the Bills have been able to run the football. The Jets, not so much.

I’d be stunned if Cedric Houston is not active this week, even if it is just to shake things up in the backfield. I’m not saying Houston is the answer to all the problems the Jets are having running the ball. But it can’t hurt to try different looks now because in the following two weeks, against Indy and Jacksonville, it really won’t matter who the Jets put back there.

There have been some musings about putting Brad Smith at running back, but I don’t see that happening.

This just in: The Jets issued their injury report a few minutes ago. Trey Teague is still doubtful, though he continues to dress for practices and Mangini said he could be ready to play on Sunday. David Barrett, Laveranues Coles, Tim Dwight and Pete Kendall are all questionable. Dave Ball, Matt Chatham, Chad Pennington, Kerry Rhodes and Kimo von Oelhoffen are listed as probable, and all of them practiced on Wednesday.

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if justin miller continues to play the one man cover who they may want to give him a shot at rb. the dude is fast, built like a tank, and knows how to find an openning.

Justin Miller? Built like a tank? He's 5'10 195. Leon Washington is bigger than him. Curtis Martin is a horse compared to him. Not to mention he's not the brightest bulb and it would probably take him 6 weeks to learn a limited playbook and he has a tendency to run backwards. He's a good return man. That doesn't mean he can play running back at all.

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