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My lovely wife gave birth to my third child (which officially makes me Irish Roman Catholic), and 1st son tonight @ 6:25 pm. I am so psyched that he was born in September and I can take him to a JETS game for each and every birthday.

"But Daddy, I wanted to go to Chucky E. Cheese. Why am I on the LIE going west @ 7:15 A.M. on a Sunday morning?"

"Because we're tailgating, that's why. Now shut up and put on the NFL FILMS CD, we're approaching the stadium."

His first JETS game will be Jets @ Buffalo this Sunday.

He's effin' pumped.

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Awesome, congrats !!!! It's really great having a son; mine has just started playing football this year to go along with baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse,, etc.. It's really great reliving your youth with your boy (jeez, I hope my daughter doesn't read this). Congrats again !!!!

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Wow...thanks for the kind responses..wasnt expected.

He got circumcised today.

WWhen he came out I asked him how it went. Here's his reply....

<turned his head and spit on the ground>"Was that all ya got?"

I think I might have a linebacker on my hands.

Again thanks for the congrats everybody. I'm really freakin' pumped right now. Catchin' a buzz and smokin ACID brand cigars for the second night in a row. My wife might not like the way the house looks when she gets home.

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