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GOB's Open Letter of Atonement to Chad Pennington

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For the love of mercy, now we have GOB on the delusional PennyBoy bandwagon.

Since when are NFL seasons just 2 games long?:eek:

You couldn't wait to see if he can play in 16 games, consistently perform like he did the first two weeks, and more importantly, lead the Jets to some clutch wins in the playoffs (WC game doesn't count) before annointing him some savior?.

Pat, you are the last guy I thought would ever be snookered after just two games.

Doesn't matter. Many thought he could never play a series again. Get the running game going and he'll be fine.

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Chad's play has improved because of the coaching. He's smart...football smart. If the team can avoid a nose dive I just get the feeling that he'll keep improving and float less and less passes. Maybe Eric and Shcott have the balls Herm and Co. didnt to say, "Listen, you gotta show some zip on the throw in that situation."

He has looked better. Granted all I have seen is the highlights from the first two games, but he does appear to be gunning it, relative to Chad, to his receivers. I think the Cotchery play was a good example of this. He was unable to step into the throw and still had some velocity on it. Again, relative to Chad.

I would attribute this to Mangini. He knows how the Patriots have game planned Chad in the past. They might change looks and things, but they know what they need to do is the same. Just like with Drew.

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