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Abraham not likely to play until week 6

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Most people probably know by now I am an Abraham fan/apologist. The contract that Sperm quotes is the reason I am happy to be rid of him. I don't have a problem with guys that get hurt if they play hard on the field, and as far as I'm concerned he did, but you cannot lock up too much money in them because you'll be guaranteed to be dead without them. I was happy with the #1. Plenty of guys spend plenty of time out with injuries that don't result in surgery-that's no basis for time on the sidelines.

I primarily aim this question at Sperm: Is there such a thing as a "franchise center?" Mawae went to the pro-bowl what? 6 times as a Jet? I never thought of him as a franchise player. A very good center sure. This is the difference between Leinart and Clemens. The Leinart people (I am not one) think he's a franchise player. Clemens can be a very good qb and never reach the franchise label. I believe the franchise tag transcends the pro bowl.

I think Namath may be the only true franchise player the team ever had.

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