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Humiliating defeat may be best thing for Manginis Jets


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Hey, not many actually thought we would win this game,, tough matchups and Jacksonville pissed after Wash game, plus on road.

Of course we hoped it would be competitive, but it wasnt.

So, with three VERY winnable games coming up in Miami, Detroit and Cleveland then Mangini can use this totally humiliating shutout to wake up this team nad for motivation.

Maybe this is what will help these guys go on a 3 game emotional , 'we will show you' march.

Lets see if this coach uses the 41-0 ramrodding to his advantage,,

Parcells used to say 'no loss is good but its a coaches job to find ways to use a loss to make the team better'

we beat these 3 turds in next 3 week we go 5-3 into the bye week,,

not bad..

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we REALLY have to beat Miami at home this week-they are tough defensively and Harrington looked like a big improvement at the helm-it's gonna be all on Mangini and Schott and especially Sutton to get this ship righted-Wes Welker needs to always be accounted for at all times since he is obviously Harrington's go-to guy

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