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Chiefs' Johnson, Cards' Fitzgerald to have MRIs Monday


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Larry Johnson gave the Kansas City Chiefs quite a scare.


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The Pro Bowl running back was injured on a facemask tackle at the end of a 78-yard pass play late in Kansas City's 23-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Johnson broke free down the left sideline after catching a short pass from Damon Huard. The Cardinals' Antrel Rolle grabbed Johnson by the facemask and the running back's head was twisted as he fell out of bounds at the Arizona 8. He lay motionless for a moment, but eventually got up and left the field under his own power.

Rolle was called for a personal foul on the play.

"All I remember is trying to get back on my feet and try to move around and see if everything was working," Johnson said. "I wanted to be safe about it and see if there was really something wrong or not."

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