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New York v. Detroit


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IF the Mets can put the LaRussas away, we will have the Lions in NY the same weekend as the Mets-Tigers battle in the WS.

So, which is better?

Food: No comparison, NYC all the way.

Music: Gotta go with Motown

Culture: Easy. Detroit has none.

Celebrations: NY has the Canyon of Heroes. Detroit burns cars.

Cops: NY's Finest vs....are there really any cops in Detroit who enforce the law? ;-) Push

Let's Go Mets!

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Food: I'll give NYC The Edge as Not Many Safe resturants operate in the D

Music: You can't touch Detroit on that one.

Culture: We've got whites , blacks, mexicans, albanians, chaldeans, arabs, Poles, Jews, hillbillies, gangsters,. Christ WE INVENTED CARJACKING people!

Celebrations: We burn vacant buildings as a community service.

Cops: D.P.D. leads the nation in Officer Involved Shootings and has blown away more people in the past 4 years then most places combined. :)

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