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Chiefs coach calls on inner strength in times of adversity


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For JetMoses and Sperm Edwards........

By DOUG TUCKER - AP Sports Writer

2006-10-18 02:17

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -This would be a good week for Herm Edwards to put on a disguise whenever he ventures outdoors.

Better yet, Kansas City's beleaguered head coach should sleep in the office and have his meals brought in.

Chiefs fans are seething in the wake of Pittsburgh's 45-7 demolition of Edwards' team Sunday, really seething, and the head coach is naturally the object of much of their wrath.

Even media covering the team are coming in for abuse. An outraged radio talk-show host was yelling at sports writers Tuesday for not being tough enough during the laid-back coach's weekly news conference.

It was, everyone is pointing out, the worst humiliation Kansas City has experienced in a non-strike year since Chuck Knox's Seattle Seahawks pounded John Mackovic's Chiefs 45-0 way back in 1984.

``That was 22 years ago,'' thundered one caller.

Maybe one reason so many fans are angry is because they can see that Edwards is unaffected by their cacophony.

``I know who I am. I know what I'm about,'' he said. ``I'm a positive kind of a guy. Losing is part of the deal. You're going to lose. You're not going to win every game.''

The fans' ire may not be entirely due to the beating they endured in Pittsburgh, or their 2-3 record going into this week's home game against San Diego. Some might even argue that Kansas City fans have been remarkably patient.

Week after week they snap up almost every ticket to Arrowhead Stadium, which seats more than 79,000. Voters in Jackson County earlier this year approved a sales tax to pay for more than $500 million in improvements to Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums.

That's a lot of support to lavish on an organization that hasn't won a playoff game since the 1993 season, that has appeared in the postseason only once since 1997, that raises ticket prices almost every year and plans a $3.50 surcharge on parking costs that already start at $20.

Edwards is not trying to say the Chiefs did not deserve their Steeler whipping. He just doesn't want people to overreact.

``It's one of those games. You've got to let it go,'' he said.

And he's not going to jump off a high place for being a part of it.

``I'm just happy coaching,'' he said. ``I'm just happy I've been in the National Football League 27 years. I understand it's a privilege, nobody's got a right to be in this league.

``You're talking about a young kid who came out of Seaside, California. Had aspirations of playing pro football. First of all, just trying to get out of Seaside to go to college. In my lifetime, I've never really had a real job. I've been in football all my life.''

One weapon the Chiefs were missing in Pittsburgh should be back Sunday. Wide receiver and kick return specialist Dante Hall should be completely healed from a hip injury. Quarterback Trent Green is almost certainly going to miss a fifth straight game, however, and fullback could also be a problem

Ronnie Cruz, the only fullback listed on the roster, was lost for the season to knee surgery Monday. Kris Wilson, a tight end who hasn't found a position, will move into Cruz's spot. But other fullback candidates are going to be brought in for workouts.

If a good one can't be found, Edwards will not panic.

``I take games for what they are,'' he said. ``You play them. You try to win every time you play. When you don't, you come back to work, put a smile on your face and you go back.''

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I like the part where he says he's never had a real job in his life. I'm pretty sure at least a few of his stupid stories were about the jobs he had, but what do I know. Chasing chickens isn't a real job now?

Only if you're Rocky Balboa.;)

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