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TD/INT Ratio


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Chad has outplayed Brady this year, no question about it. A good QB will have a good completion %, convert on third downs (Penny leads the league on this stat), and get wins. TDs don't mean that much, since if your QB passes you to the 1 yard line and an RB runs the ball in, the QB won't get any credit for that drive. There really needs to be a "TD Drives led" stat added to a QB rating imo. The Jets offense has been clicking, and Chad has been a large part of that, weak teams have been a large part of that too, but that's another subject. Poor tx, Brady is slipping and the Pats won't win the SB this year either. Heck, the Pats probably won't even get further than the Jets in the playoffs, that must truly be a bitter pill for tx to swallow, I'm sure he knows reality.

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Typical Jets fan.

Let's take away reality so stats look better.:eek:

actually, yes. No different than taking away a player's one good game. Look at Vick's 4 TD's yesterday. The previous 5 games he had 3 TOTAL, 1 in his last 4 games, and none in his last 3. So now he has 7 in 6 games. On a given Sunday is Vick likely to throw at least 1 TD pass? Don't be ridiculous. It was an abberation. Half his games, including yesterday's game, he hasn't thrown a single one.

How about Santana Moss? 138 yds & 3 TD's in 1 game. They represent 32% of his yardage & 100% of his TD's for the entire year. Does he "average" 62 yds and about 0.5 TD's/game? Yes. How many times has he reached this "average" for both in the other 6 weeks? Zero. Two 69-yd games in wks 1 & 2. Other than his 1 big game, he hasn't had over 50 yds in a single game since then.

That's what any player having 1 bad game (or 1 good game) does. It skews the #'s. And when said game occurs before the halfway mark, it appears even more significant. The potential is there for a very good (or very bad) performance, but it's not an indicator of how he does on an average day.

One game he threw 3 picks with 0 TD's. The other 6 games he's got a 9:3 ratio. So which is more likely on a given Sunday: Chad throwing 1-2 TD's and 0-1 INT's or 1-2 TD's and 1 guaranteed INT?

Before you answer, look at Lawrence Maroney. Is his 15-125-2 game indicative of how he'll do next week? Or is the 12-18-0 game? Neither. It's somewhere in between. A team that doesn't respect the run when he's in the game, expecting 1.5ypc from him, is going to pay. Badly. Because he's better than that & everyone knows it.

I'm getting tired of schooling you. Dumbass.

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That's why statistics over time will "average" out.

So you can't pick and choose what ones you will use or not.


There hasn't been enough "over time" to figure an average for this year. I'm not Chad's greatest fan, but generally he's excellent with regard to throwing picks. He'll sometimes have one really bad day - and when he does it's REALLY bad - but the rest of the time he's solid in that regard.

No different than a team's schedule. According to TOTAL win/loss %age, the Jets faced like the toughest schedule in 2004. But it got skewed from playing the 15-1 Steelers, the 14-2 Pats twice, and the 12-4 Chargers. But those accounted for 4 of our 16 games; most of the games we played teams who came into the game with losing records (& SD was a week removed from the NFL's worst record & 1 week away from being 1-2 when we played). So was it a tough schedule? The league's most difficult schedule? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Despite what the year total's average is, you don't "lend" stats from 1 game to the next as an indicator of what is likely to be during a single given game.


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So you therefore believe there is an 86% chance that Pennington will throw a pick in a given game, even though he threw zero in 3 of 7 games so far? :shock:

Even a dumbass like you knows that's not so.

WTF are you talking about?

The stat is a ratio between the number of TD passes thrown and INT's thrown.

PennyBoy has thrown 9 TD's and 6 picks so far this year.

Therefore, if he were to throw 27 TD passes this year, you could then expect him to throw 18 INT's as well.

It's a ratio Dumbass.

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Pennington with a better QB rating then Brady FREE

Penny with a better YPA then Brady, by over a yard! FREE

Posting to an opponents

forum over 12,000 times

instead of having a real life. Priceless..Tragic but Priceless.

If you want the pat fan to go away stop talking to him!

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You nailed that one madmike. It is farily common knowledge that the quarterback with the highest passer rating always wins the game. Touchdowns and turnovers rarely have an effect on the outcome of the game.

That's true. I've also heard that touchdowns and turnovers and completion percentage may have something to do with the QB rating. That's just what I've heard though. And Pennington has a higher yards per attempt.

Oh wait, I forgot that we're only counting stats in which Brady is better in. Like fumbles. And sucking dick.

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What's the number 1 job of a QB?

Get the figgn' offense in the end zone.

What's the worst thing a QB can do?

Throw INT's and turn the ball over.

If you don't think these are more important measures than the ridiculous QB rating, then you have no clue about the game of football.

How many interceptions has Pennington thrown in the red zone in his career?

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