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3rd round pick: LB Anthony Schlegel

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Uh I can name two: Parcells drafted Lavernues Coles in Round 3 in 2000 and Dumbway drafted Jericho Cotchery in Round 4 in 2004.

Look, a third round pick may not seem all that important but getting value in rounds 3-7 separates the good teams from the bad teams in the NFL.

Jets passed up big strong players they could have stuck into the offensive and defensive lines. Ryan O'Callaghan, Gabe Watson, Jonathan Scott to name a few.

Just how many rookies did you want starting on the OL this year???

And I think you just proved someone else's point when you mentioned Cotchery and Coles. It took several years for them to really turn it on. Criticizing Schlegel after only 7 games isn't fair to him IMO.

I agree that a NT would have been nice...looking back on it now after seeing DRob struggle at times and his two backups go on the IR.

I'm just not willing to pass judgement on a player after only 7 games in the league.

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... i recall another good 3rd rounder from jet teams past ...

1988 NFL Draft

Round Three

Sel# Team Player Pos. School 56 Atlanta Alex Higdon TE Ohio State 57 Cincinnati Kevin Walker ILB Maryland 58 Detroit Ray Oof WR Penn State 59 Kansas City Kevin Porter S Auburn 60 San Diego Quinn Early WR Iowa 61 Green Bay Keith Woodside RB Texas A&M 62 N.Y. Giants Sheldon White CB Miami, O. 63 N.Y. Jets Erik McMillan S Missouri 64 Philadelphia Matt Patchan T Miami 65 Buffalo Bernard Ford WR Central Florida 66 Washington Mike Oliphant RB Puget Sound 67 Dallas Mark Hutson G Oklahoma 68 Phoenix Tom Tupa P Ohio State 69 New England Tom Rehder T Notre Dame 70 Pittsburgh Chuck Lanza C Notre Dame 71 Minnesota Al Noga DE Hawaii 72 Houston Greg Montgomery P Michigan State 73 Miami Ferrell Edmunds TE Maryland 74 N.Y. Jets James Hasty CB Washington State 75 Seattle Tommy Kane WR Syracuse 76 Indianapolis Chris Chandler QB Washington 77 Cleveland Van Waiters OLB Indiana 78 Chicago Ralph Jarvis DE Temple 79 Denver Kevin Guidry CB Louisiana State 80 San Francisco Bill Romanowski OLB Boston College 81 New Orleans Tony Stephens NT Clemson 82 L.A. Rams Mike Piel DE Illinois


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