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Bonds files for FA

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I'm not joking, nor endorsing what I'm about to say, but think about it:

Barry Bonds - DH - Detroit Tigers

Tigers need a big big left handed stick. BAD

Tigers need a real DH - BAD

Bonds needs to DH and stop playing the field - BAD

Bonds and Leyland have history

The Tigers owner, after this WS Debacle, will drop more FA money then the crew of the USS Nimitz on hookers during a port call in Thailand.

Here's a article that agrees with ya GUNS.



Losing the World Series was the best thing that could have happened to the Tigers.

Okay, that's just not true. In fact, it's hard to think of a franchise whose self-identity would have been more transformed by a championship. Nevertheless, the devastating loss to the Cardinals should serve as notice to Dave Dombrowski that the Tigers still have work to do if they want to play with the big boys. Here are three things the Tigers can do this winter to ensure that they aren't one-hit wonders:

    [*]Break the bank for a big First Baseman. The underlying dynamics are as follows. Reaching the playoffs can produce an economic windfall that is nearly as profound as the competitive one. The Tigers improved their attendance by 28% this season before accounting for the additional butts they put in Comerica Park seats during the playoffs. The team also stands to be in a position of power when negotiating its television and radio contracts. That bubble could burst, however, if the Tigers regress back to being an afterthought in the sports landscape.

    That's because the playoffs are hardly assured for the Tigers next season. They have the misfortune of playing in the best division in baseball--not only will the White Sox and Twins be hungry, but the Indians retain one of the most impressive talent cores in baseball. While there weren't too many individual performances among the Tiger roster that screamed "fluke"--Kenny Rogers

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Would The Babe Have Used Steroids?

ruth_cartoon_1.jpgI have found the most interesting approach to bashing Bonds has been the sanctifying of Babe Ruth in order to create a moral standard to judge Bonds' home run count by. The myths about Babe have always been nostalgic ones that tend to skew the truth and overlook some of the questionable characteristics that were part of the person he actually was. Before fans hop on the Bambino bandwagon as they pelt Bonds with proverbial stones, they should be aware of all things Babe. Are Bonds-Bashers certain that Ruth would not have employed Victor Conte and Balco in order to enhance his performance if he had the opportunity?

The fact is, steroid experimentation has been around longer than most realize. In the 1860's the experiments actually became tangible when a scientist, Arnold Berthold, started castrating roosters and re-injecting them with their own testosterone while monitoring the difference in their aggression and other behaviors. About twenty years later scientists had figured out how to extractpudgalvin200_2.jpg testosterone from the testes of mostly sheep and guinea pigs and inject the fluid back into themselves. Their observation was an increase in mood with more energy and more vigor.

According to author and researcher Robert I. Abrams, by 1889 at least one well known ballplayer, Hall of Fame pitcher James "Pud" Galvin was openly injecting an elixir of animal testosterone known as the Brown-Sequard Elixir. The press welcomed the discovery with great enthusiasm as an article from that year's New Haven Register exemplifies, 'The discovery of a true elixir of youth by which the aged can restore their vitality and renew their bodily vigor would be a great thing for baseball. We hope the discovery is of such a nature that it can be applied to rejuvenate provincial clubs.' Another article in the local press touted the elixar's effect directly on Galvin's pitching, 'If there still be doubting Thomases who concede no virtue of the elixir, they are respectfully referred to Galvin's record in yesterday's Boston-Pittsburgh game. It is the best proof yet furnished of the value of the discovery.'

sheepfixed_photolabel.jpgThere is another story about steroids that has been around long before the Bonds' controversy and it has to do with the Babe himself. According to The Baseball Hall of Shame's Warped Record Book, by Bruce Nash, Allan Zullo and Bob Smith, "the Bambino fell ill one year attempting to inject himself with extract from a sheep's testes. This effort by more than a few athletes of his era to seek the healing and strengthening properties of testosterone prefigured the craze for steroids. When Ruth fell ill from his attempted enhancement, the media was told that Ruth merely had 'a bellyache.' "

Knowing about Ruth's more written about follies, this story seems far from impossible. While Ruth had many great qualities, the man led a very flawed life. Ruth like Bonds always walked to the beat of his own drum. He openly and illegally drank liquor during Prohibition; his enthusiastic womanizing often bordered on the obscene, as it was not unusual for him to employ a whole block of streetwalkers in a single night; his appetite for the other sex showed little respect for those closest to him as both his wives would find out as well as his once good friend Lou Gehrig, who shunned him after finding his own wife drunk and alone with the Babe during a cruise to the far east; both Miller Huggins and Joe McCarthy had more than a few choice words for the Babe on many occasions; and he never received a chance to manage, as owners apparently took to heart a statement that Yankee president Ed Barrow had made about Ruth when he said, "How can he manage other men when he can't even manage himself?". Red Sox owner Harry Frazee justified his trade out of Boston by saying that Ruth was "one of the most selfish and inconsiderate athletes I have ever seen." One doesn't have to research very long to find many more disreputable stories about Babe Ruth that bring his moral character into question.

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No offense Gimme but that article is TERRIBLE. Babe didn't cheat. Would he have cheated isn't the point.

Compare the #s. That's all that matters. Oh and Bonds' neck size.

Ruth is the best play ever period. It is naive however to focus soley on Bonds just because he passed Ruth when we all know that depending on who you believe ,anywhere from 25 to 75% of MLB was juicing. Yankee fans of all people should get that.

If Ruth was not a Yankee it would be interesting to see if that article is so quickly dismissed.

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