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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The NFL Coaching Tree

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By Brad Oremland

Five Quick Hits

* Terrell Owens' contract is less than a year old and he already wants to change it? He is the most self-centered player in the history of the league.

* Good news for Tennessee: Steve McNair will play in 2005. Reliable backup Billy Volek is still around in case McNair gets hurt, and new offensive coordinator Norm Chow gives fans reason to be excited.

* Bad news for Tennessee: Derrick Mason is gone. So are Kevin Carter, Carlos Hall, and Samari Rolle. I don't think Drew Bennett is a No. 1 receiver, and the defense has been gutted.

* With this year's deep RB pool, Travis Henry isn't worth a first-round pick. But he's a great value for a third-rounder.

* When he was the highest-paid defensive back in the NFL, Ty Law complained about his contract. Now no one will pay the guy. Irony is beautiful.

We're in heavy offseason right now. The Super Bowl was two months ago and the draft is weeks away. If you need a fix, I've been working on a project that might help hold you over until draft day.

The great NFL Films piece Holmgren's Heroes was on ESPN2 about 8,000 times last year. It's about Green Bay's late-'90s glory days under Holmgren, and the subsequent hiring of everyone on his staff to be a head coach elsewhere. After the first time I watched it, I researched the coaching roots of every current head coach in the NFL. Last week

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