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TB supporter no more!


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I've been a staunch Bradway supporter for years on this site and the other one. I've stuck with him through all the garbage FA's like Damien Robinson and Steve Martin.

Even earlier this off-season I thought we should have gotten Pat Williams but continued to think that Theresa Bradway had a master plan and we'd score a good DT to fill in. It's been months....NOTHING!

Now this BONEHEAD manuever. I cannot emphasize how much I disagree with this. This draft has mid-late first round talent in it and we totally screwed ourselves from possibly catching any of the top guys that will slip. UGH!!!

Shane we'll finally agree on something Jets related.

TB = Complete Dumbass

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Guys I've been saying this since I showed up.... since before the 2003 draft...

Terry Bradway is a freaking moron. He had a nice offseason last year but that was evidently the proverbial needle in the haystack.

The dude sucks.

No mood to hear biased fans try and tell me how someone on a team they hate has sucked and how he's thought so for years.

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