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Say Goodbye to Matt Jones


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F U Badway

this may be the dumbest trade in Jets History

Doug F'n Jolley an F'n average to poor TE

Someone just F'd me right in the Arse.

Jets new Motto

Just Compete Baby!!!!!!!

Al Davis is laughing his arse off....

Raiders fans are actually laughing at us right now. I'm trolling some boards trying to find ONE Raider fan saying this was a bad deal. Can't find him.

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The last person that would have crossed my mind after this is Matt Jones.

He runs like hes on stilts. One shot from some mean LB....goodnight.

Yeah he runs an unbelievable 40. But I just haven't seen the real quickness out of him.

Im probably wrong though.

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Regardless if you did not want MJ, there were other golden nuggets out there and we just got another

crap on a stick with Jolly Roger.

Christ Becht was as good as this stiff

I agree.

I'm livid about this trade, but not because we're going to miss out on Matt Jones.

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