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UCLA student tasered inside school library


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For doing their job?

The so-called student did not have the proper ID to be in the computer lab and was asked to leave.

He's the one that starting shooting his mouth off when he was asked to leave the building.

says the one who mouths off when asked to leave ;)

have a great weekend buddie

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Nothing funnier then people who have frequent contact with the police going on their All cops are Pigs, power hungry, blah blah blah rant. Quit your fukking crying already. If the cops were out of line I'll be the first one to say it, but this instant anti-cop BS grows OLD.

Don't want to get your ass tased, follow instructions. Tasers are way lower on the force chart then most of you think. I've been tased unlike most of you here, it hurts like hell but when it's done, it's done. There are no long last effects as opposed to my OC Spray, soft empty hand, hard hand or impact weapons. If I hit you with my ASP, leg kicks or strikes, you'll be hurting for weeks. The Taser effects stop the second the cycle stops.

By the way, are any of you people here Defensive Tactics instructors or Taser Instructors because, wow, I am. So before you armchair QBs start running your mouths, perhaps you should know what you're talking about.

Douchebag student, we'll call S1, tells the CSOs to "F off" and acts all hard core until the 'real police get there'. When the cops show up, he agrees to leave but slowly walks with a purpose running his mouth the entire F-ing way as he walks out. Finally as he's yelling, swearing and acting disorderly, an oficer decides to place him under arrest and gains control of his arm. He pulls back and at that point is resisting. they go to control him and he keeps resisting. They tase him because contrary to popular belief, we don't have to get ourselves injured effecting an arrest because Johnny Douchebag wants to play games.

They tase him and he continues ro resist by failing to comply with officer's orders. He said he's leaving yet he never gets up. he continues to fail to comply and they tase him again. Each time he gets tased in the video, it is in response to an obvious and blatant disregard for the police orders, who BOO FREAKIN HOO, have the right to be there and do their job. We're there for a reason, we were called. I've see this scenario a million times. Some guy decides he's going to 'flex' for the crowd.

None of you were there, none of you know what really happened. None of you know jack .hit about Tasers, their operation, roles or department policies.

You people act like we need to let ourselves get nearly stabbed before we should respond, a very easy view to have from your home in your flannel jammies.

Boo hoo - I'm wasting my time talking about this because you'll all have your opinions. I don't have one ounce of compassion for this idiot.

Hate the cops all you want. But the day that you need em, and you need em fast, call the fire department and see where that gets u.

What he said. Do you thunk these guys wanted to deal with this guy, like they went to work intent on tasering some poor unfortunate? Grow up. Guy had no business being there. If trespassing is no big deal, let's all go over to your mom's house and have a party in her living room at 3AM.

A very good friend of mine had to make a snap decision recently; and but for a 40 caliber round hitting his cell phone he wouldn't be here today, nor would the guy he saved. It goes without saying that the mope's family of course started with the same line of crap as above. James happens to be African-American. Some people on this board really need to get their heads removed from their rectums forthwith.


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