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OT: Need quick trade answer (move to FF if you need to)


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I get:

Ocho Cinco / Betts

I give up:

Dunn / Jacobs

My team so far in those positions:

WR: Cotchery, Driver, Fitzgerald, Caldwell

RB: Jacobs, Turner, LT, Dunn

We start 2 RB, 2 WR and 1 WR/RB.

We score: 0.1 per yard (1 per every 10). 0.5 per catch, 3 for 100 receiving or 100 rushing.

Right now, I plan on starting:

WR: Driver/Fitzgerald

RB: LT, Dunn

WR/RB: Cotchery

If I made the deal:

WR: Driver/Fitzgerald

RB: LT/Betts

WR/RB: Chad Johnson

Thoughts? I play this guy next week, and he'll have Dunn against New Orleans!!

Deadline is in 90 minutes to be effective this week.

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