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Ham's silence is DEAFENING!!

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Holy Sh#t I just had this thought:::

"With the 26th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, The Oakland Raiders select...Matt Jones...WR...Arkansas"

And he wins OROY.


Sounds like a Raider pick. They always draft workout warriors.

Where is Jones going to play? Behind Randy Moss, Jerry Porter and Ronald Curry.

He doesn't want to play TE and he's never had to block in his life.

Sounds exactly like a Raider pick.

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I agree. This is not like Ham-bone. I bet he surprises us by saying he likes the deal or something.

If he liked the deal, I think he'd have said something already. I think he's probably just taking a few days to cool off.

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wow tahts original

where'd ya come up with that one from...maybe the first post in this thread?????? :^o

Hey faggy-necklace boy.

Shouldn't you be thinking up some more excuses to defend Bradway?

Did you cry on Vilma's shoulder when the Jets lost Dyson? :oops:

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