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14 years ago today......


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I'll never forget the hush in the stadium that day against the Chiefs. Then the next home game, I think Buffalo, where Marvin Washington talked to the crowd, it was unreal.

On a side note, a female friend of mine that I was working with at that time was dating Scott Mersereau. He came by the office about 10 days after the accident, and after talking about how Dennis was doing, I asked him how he was doing. Said he felt guilty and he actually said he wished it was him in the hospital bed instead of Dennis, cause Dennis had a wife and small daughter, while Scott was single. Was a very uncomfortable conversation, but the remorse and guilt he felt, over a football play that he had no control or fault over was amazing.

Haven't hear either of their names in a few years, wonder where they are and what they are up to now a days.

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I was at that game. Man what a terrible day. Just watched a special on Dennis. He walks with a severe limp. But he loves football and coaches it. He says he hopes that his son one day plays football!

God Bless you Dennis.

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D. Byrd had his accident. I can remember it like yesterday. He was crippled and through the power of Christ, he walks again. Amen.

The credit properly belongs with the power of medical science and Byrd's own will.

That was an awful day.

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I remember sitting on my parents living room floor watching that game, terrible thing that happened to DB. Made me understand how insignificant a football game really is in the grand scheme of things.

It's why I clap so loud whenever someone gets up from an injury today.

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Alongside Erik McMillan, #90 was my alltime favourite Jet and I was

gutted when this happened, there was no internet then and just a weekly

paper telling us the previous weeks news & results so I was chuffed to bits

to hear of his recovery, I can remember the round up of the games shortly

after and sooooo many players wore little #90`s on the shirts & helmets

which was surprising to see as when we see a soccer player stretchered of the field

over here he`s usually having plastic cups and coins thrown at him so it was

very heartwarming to see the league-wide reaction to his plight.

Have seen the Rise & Walk film twice now on the movie channels and

cried both times, such a moving story and the guy who played the lead role

was superb, a wonderful film that no Jet fan should miss.

I hope he`s well now, there is very little about him on the net, I think

the film mentioned a charity he runs but I`ve yet to find it online anywhere.

The Jets should bring him back before a game as I`m sure he`d receive a

rapturous welcome and deservedly so.

Go well DB, you were always a legend in my eyes:cool:

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I remember this game as well as any other Jet fan that was watching. I was watching it with my best friend and he was just about to run across the street to get some snack food from the store and I yelled out to him to come back because I "think Byrd is seriously hurt". That was truly a terrible moment.

I'll never forget the following week when the Jets were playing the then mighty Bills as a 13 pt underdog (I believe) and pulled off a HUGE upset.

Byrd is the man

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