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Fatso & Doucedog ragging Jets


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What a couple of a-holes, saying that in the AFC West, they'd be 2-4 in their divsion. What crap!

We beat the Pats, who are in the same area as the the Bolts. The Jets played well vs the Bears and Colts and only had one game they weren't in at all.

The Raiders totally suck; Bronocs and Chiefs are something spectacular? Both the jets and Chiefs lost close games in Cleveland.

Instead these 2 DBs want to talk the Jints to death. I use the word "talk" loosely in regards to Russo, who cannot put a decent sentence together and knows less about sports than most canines. But your dog might have actually watched the game, while with Russo watching the game is a huge if. This what we're left with for sports radio in NY. Simply disgraceful.

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Those two are incompetent fools. I'm shocked that theye are not talking baseball. I'm always amazed how a guy with a speech impediment can have a career in radio. Does a guy with one leg decide to become a kicker? Does a guy with 2" inch d!ck decide to go into porn movies? I never get aggravated with those two mooks because I simply put on 1050 and listen to Michael Kaye. Still garbage, but more bearable

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If the Jets were in the AFCW, here is how they would finish:

Chargers- 0-2

Chiefs- 0-2

Broncos- 0-2

Raiders- 1-1

Since we have already gone 1-1 against the Pastries I assume that would also be your prediction for them if they were in the AFC West.

KC aint all that and I think you know this.

0-2 against the bolts? Maybe so but they have their brain-fart moments too and they simply do not play us very well if recent history is a guide. Plus lil' Schott is our secret weapon.

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What's their point? IF the Jets............ If the Pats were in the west they certainly wouldn't be faring well either. Here's an interesting IF for Fatso and Fruitloops, IF the Jets were in the NFC east with their beloved Giants and Bill Parcells the Jets would be a division leader. In fact, they'd probably lead the NFC South and West as well. The true embarrasment in the NFL right now is the SB will be played on Sunday, January 21's when the AFC championship game takes place.

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