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Pace to Giants rumour

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Petitgout is an AWFUL Left Tackle who is forced to play there due to Ernie Accorsi's devout belief in not drafting linemen high in the draft (Petitgout, ironically was a reach first round pick out of Notre Dame). If the Giants don't shore up the left tackle spot, they will not win 6 games this year, and Eli Manning will get killed again. The beating Eli took last year was ridiculous, and the only positive thing you could say about Eli from last year was that he toughed it out without complaining.

Getting Pace would be a major step in the right direction for the Giants, but I doubt it comes off. Accorsi cannot handle transactions like that because it knows it makes it looks like he's panicking.

One other factor--Pace is NOT the player he was three years ago. While he's still a top-5 tackle, he has really lost a step and gets beat by top speed rushers. The Giants are in a tough spot--they need Pace, but he's probably not worth the dime.

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