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Some Random Draft Day Thoughts


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I just read The Jetnation Draft Thread. All 8,985 pages of it. What a classic!

Other than The Sione pick. Like the player but thought it was a reach. The Jets had a plan and they executed it to perfection on day one. We still have some work to do.

Love getting Nugent and Miller. I'm giddy.

Jets did the right thing trading down from 26. Did you see all the quality players available in round 2 and more importantly, Did you see the reaches late in round one.

Hard to knock The Pats and Chargers but Castillo and Mankins were reaches and could have been had in round 2. I like both players but that's why this year, Getting out of the late area of round one was smart.

Jets got themselves a young starting TE who fits their new scheme. They improved their special teams big time with Nugent and Justin Miller. Justin Miller who we all wanted at 26 landed in our laps at 57. Unfreakinbelievable!

I love what Matt Millen did. I would have done the same exact thing. Mike and Roy Williams will be the scariest WR combo in all of football.

I hate to admit it but Peter King was right when he said that Charles Rogers was too skinny and fragile and would have injury problems. Rogers has barely played in his two years in The NFL. Can't rely on him to make the big comeback.

The Lions have Az Hakim, Charles Rogers and recently signed Kevin Johnson as backups. It's safe to say that they are set at WR.

Anyone who never saw Mark Clayton before, Had to be impressed with his highlight package. That little highlight reel still didn't capture the level of player he is. That was just a sample. That's why I had him in my top 10 overall in this draft.

TS had him as a can't miss player. I agree.

Notice how long teams took on the clock. Noone could get trades.

What a shock The Raiders took two track star/workout warriors at CB. They add them to their collection of first round DB's like Namdi Assomugha and Derrick Gibson. They all can't put Patrick Bates to shame though.

Torry Holt did the worst broadcasting job in sports history. He was clueless and brought nothing to the table. I started to cringe when he was on camera because he came off so poorly. He barely knew anything about the prospects in this draft. Called Troy Williamson, Troy Williams. That wasn't the only player whose name he flubbed. He also said Freddie Jones would be a key in Arizona's offense next year. Kind of hard for Freddie to do that since he is now a Panther!

I loved what Dallas did. They hit big time. Parcells best draft in years. Ware and Spears remind me of The Jets double pickup in 2000 of Abraham and Ellis.

I was surprised that Nick Saban, Romeo, BB and Parcells all passed up Daryl Blackstock in the first few rounds. That means to me that Blackstock was not endorsed by Groh. Otherwise, one of those guys would have drafted him. Blackstock didn't play to his lofty potential at Virginia and he bailed on Groh's program. Guess that was Al's revenge on Blackstock.

That's the hidden politics that go in the draft. If your college coach doesn't like you. He can screw up your draft status. Eventually Arizona took Blackstock.

Denny Green did a great job on day one. I think all of his picks will start right out the gate.

That 2nd round had such great value. There were so many quality guys on the board that were comparable to the final 11 picks in round one.

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Eventually Arizona took Blackstock.

Denny Green did a great job on day one. I think all of his picks will start right out the gate.

As I also said back in March, mark my words, the Arizona Cardinals will win the NFC West in 2005.

Arizona had 2 major holes heading into the draft: RB and CB. What positions were deep? RB and CB. Results? Rolle and JJ Arrington. Not too shabby. However, the Blackstock pick blew both out of the water in terms of value. Green gets an A++ from me.

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What about Maurice Clarett going to the Broncos in round 3? How do you guys feel about that pick?

Heres an interesting comment from espn.com on the Justin Miller pick as well. :)

25(57) NY Jets (10-6) Justin Miller CB CLEMSON

The Jets knew they could trade back and still get a good cover corner prospect in the second round, but they couldn't have known they'd get this good a value.

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