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Nice Bio on Nugent from 94 on the JI Board..


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I only read front pages if the Girl next door

pic's are on it!! The Board is my home page!!LOL

Hey are you and Tom gonna have a Jet Nation Girl?

And yes they MUST be female!! :mrgreen:=D>

We are in negotiations with Vida Guerra. In order to meet her needs, she wants to have me as her personal love slave and I'm just not sure I want to do that. :lol:

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Despite his slight frame, he insists on being involved in the coverage of kickoffs and this could one day lead to an injury.

If the Jets allow this then they are more stupid then taking a kicker in the 2nd round.

"Yo Mike, kick the damn ball and then immediately pull a Santana Moss and get you skinny little arse on the sidelines."

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