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Damn...Chad is just not on today. I hope that Leon can break one because Chad is having probs.

Our d is holding but how long can the O continue to crap out?


I usually don't worry about Chad until he throws an INT, because then he goes into his retard mode, but this just might be worse.

Everytime the Jets hit the field that Yellow marker to the first down looks so far away..

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can someone give me the rundown on what happwned in the firsy half since I missed the first 27 minutes of it?

You haven't missed much

Ben Graham muffed a 34 yd field goal

Chad Pennington has been awful

Joey Harrington has been awful

LC got hurt

Ronnie Brown has been good

Leon has been good

Barlow and Morris haven't..

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Once again Choke err Chad is coming up very small in a big game yet again.

He struggles when there is defensive pressure on him or its a pressure game. I was going to say he lacks heart but he has come back from 3 serious injuries so its not that. Perhaps he lacks that "Eye of the tiger" so to speak, to raise his game and carry the team with him.

Its going to be a long 2nd half if Chad plays like he did in the first half.

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