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What the Jets can not do...


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The Jets can not do the same things they've done in the past.

Sign a couple of avg FA's, make some weird moves in the draft, and hope that since the Jets were getting some hype, that now would be the season.

Without making major upgrades on the defensive line, defensive ends, the linebacking core, corner backs, and on the offensive line this team will not be that much of an improvement. NOt when other teams expect you to be a decent team.

I've hated to watch the Jets front office be cheap and get rid of decent young talent, sign cheap FA who sucked, and draft safe picks. This year they need to make some safe picks, but some great picks.

THis team can be good, but they need to build that defense up if Chad P is still around.

I just hope it isn't "the same old Jets" when it comes to the front office, owner, and offseason.

Yeah Mangini, staff, and the GM might have some ideas, but if Woody doesn't want to spend any money, then I don't see great improvements happening in the offseason.

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The defensive line stinks. They have no real improved players from the first game until the last one... No hope that next year anybody on this team will become a playmaker.

The DE... Really non-existent this year.. No pressure on the QB..

Rhodes is good. Vilma has potentail. I"m not impressed with DRobb.

They need CBs to make stops....

Like it or not, as long as Chad P is the QB, and the offense scores about 16 points a game, you will need a better defense.

With what they have now and with only minor improvements on defense, I'm afraid next year will be a disappointment.

That defense needs major additions.

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Oh no I agree with you 100% im just saying we arnt going out there opening day with 8 new starters on D

I don't think we need too either, I think he is being a bit too pessimistic. I trust mangini and the FO to make the necessary changes/additions to keep the jets competetive.

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I just hope they get some players in the draft, some free agent pickups and some no name signees who can give this team some depth..

The Pats win every year with a good D and lots of depth on defense....

THey don't need a playmaker at every position, but they need players better than what this defense did this year... It was great to shut down teams like the Dolphins, Bears with Grossman, and Raiders, but against many teams, they were just putrid.

I hope they have at least a few new starters who make huge differences next year on defense.

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When a team outscores you 30-6, when a team scores 3 TDs in the red zone and 3 FGs, when a team goes for almost 70pecent on third down, when a team rushes for 100 yards in the first half, when a team has about 20 seconds to pass the ball, that is an all around putrid performance by the defense.

Yeah they improved over the season. But not really. A few weeks back the same defense made JP Lossman look like Tom Brady. Made Willis Mcgahee look like Barry Sanders.

Against the Browns earlier in the year they stunk.

While 8 players might be a little too much, they need a lot of new blood on that defense for this team to win next year.

Competing is nice, but if they struggle early, play good late, make the playoffs and then get blown out again in the wildcard, did they really improve on anything?

I want a SB contender.. Even if they don't make it to the SB, i want the Jets to become a team that can make a run year in and year out.

The Colts have done it for 8 years now.. Eagles have won 5 out of 6 division titles. Pats have 3 SBs. Bronco's did it for a few years. Chargers are considered a top team the last few years, even though they disappointed last year. Heck the Seahawks have been in the playoffs for 6 years straight..

Yeah the Jets have made the playoffs over the years, but they were never in the same league with the big contenders.. Always a nice story but always coming up short. And then for one reason or another, they'd struggle for a few years.

I'm tired of that one great year and then rebuilding all over again.

Chad P is what he is and the Jets have no other real starters at this point. Not anybody better than Chad.

So build the defense, build the offensive line and see what happens.

If they don't build the defense, it'll be another tease and then suddenly, hey Chad P is older or not good enough, lets start over with this young QB.... it gets old when it's always "we'll be good a few years from now."

That's what has been said since SB3.

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