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shout-out to the JI banned...

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Damn. I've been around these boards too long. People I've never heard from are getting banned from JI.

I'll bet not one of them remembers when I kept law and order there. I'm like John Wayne in that movie "Big Jake," where everybody tells him, "I thought you were dead."

You did keep law and order, but you were better at pissing Alk off.

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No disrespect to anyone who posts on JI right now -- but this is not the first set of great posters that were banned for no reason.

Unfortunately I couldn't get any of them to post here. So we are stuck with Panzer, Alk and Thor.


Count your blessings, pal.

I no no you dat long Max but I find you one funny guy. Keep it up. ;)

Oh this is so sad.

Max has to import people in now to tell him he's funny.

You'll learn Thai, you'll learn.

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6. No cursing. People read this stuff at work. Curse words gets people in trouble.

Well if they were doing their work like they were paid to do, then they wouldn't get in trouble, would they?

JetNation: Helping drag the US economy down.

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So far this month we are averaging about 10,000 uniques per day. But they are not all from the U.S. Here is the list of where the hits have come from in January 07:

US Commercial


US Educational

United States

Non-Profit Organization

US Military




US Government


Cayman Islands



United Kingdom




Huntington, L.I., United States






French Polynesia



Switzerland Poland

United Arab Emirates

I post this to show you that we are trying to ruin the global economy. Not just the U.S. economy.

Fair enough. lolol.gif

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I honestly don't know the Dude at all but this obsession with kaysar? is beyond weird.

Exactly. I mean, if you're going to be creepily obsessed and stalk a "celebrity" why some non-entity, who's been forgotten by 10% of the population, and never heard of by 89.9999%?

Jetsrule, do us a favour. Leave Kaiser alone, and go stick a knife into Paris Hilton, ta.

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