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shout-out to the JI banned...


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im so ashamed *snif*

I got banned for at least a week after

the game last week

not even for an insult, no profanity, just

a statement that mods werent

doing their job by letting people like

pf schmuck run amok all the time

not for anything said elsewhere in that


no warning, just bang, a ban by a mod

who got sand in his vageeg after

insinuating my post(s) were

incoherent due to drinking.

the only one drunk was a

mod drunk with power.

in the grand scheme of life it means

nothing but it goes to show how

extremely petty "they" are-

"they" suck and you know it.

at least I never gave those $^#& a red cent

for their site or their overpriced, vomit

inducing tailgate offerings

i dont adhere to their idiotic Jets

party line(s) anyway

there now i feel better

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well it was kinda rude how you just called out the mods like that mate right on the board!!! if i got life for saying mate, you should get like 6 lifes for that!!!!

mind your own never-winning-a-super-bowl-even-as-a-

3rd-string-kneeling-backup-fanboy business, mate.

no one called out anyone, but if anyone one did

it was jetsweenie with that drinking business

speaking of drinking, now,back to your motel six happy hour

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I was online that day and remember it well. That's exactly what Shane said:

"So that's how it is, it it?"

Linux rulez!

And doh-oh-oh-ohnt you for. get. it!

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