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Best WR In Jets History?


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Maynard - His picture is up on my wall next to our best QB ever...

Coles is making a name for himself, its a shame he took a trip to the Skins though...

Chrebet was a fan fav. not one of the "best" we had...

Cotchery is going to make a run at it if he keeps this up and gets better... but we can talk about that in 5 years or so ;)

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Agree with the first four but Coles and Keyshawn have both had better pro careers than Cherbet. By the time he is finished, Santana Moss will probably surpass Cherbet as well.

There is no doubt Key was better than Wayne here BUT key wasonly here 4 years, I think you have to factor that in so I'd give Wayne the nod. Also, this is Coles 4th season starting here so he needs another good 2 years to pass Wayne. He's a better player but hasn't done it as long as Wayne.




Coles will end up #4, hopefully Cotch someday can pass Coles.

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