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Barbaro Euthanised


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The Jackson Family lost over $1 million dollars, just to keep him alive. They loved this horse & so did a lot of horse racing fans.

Usually, they euthanize the horse just off the track - when they come up lain. If anyone can remember "Ruffian." She is the only racehorse in history ever to be burried on the fairway of any racetrack - let alone where her body was placed at BELMONT.

This horse loved to run - until running too hard, too fast, took his life...

The Jackson family killed the horse by raising it to race. They train it from such a young age what the hell else is it supposed to do but run? They take the horse a a child basically and run the **** out of it.

I wish they spent 100 million on the horse and went bankrupt, they are the reason the horse is dead. If they didnt race him, he wouldnt be dead plain and simple.

link or proof???

See above

and why is that? what reason or justification do you have to say that?? just because you are totally ignorant to the situation, that means that its good that the owner lost money? i mean, just because you have some idiotic thought on the subject doesnt mean you have to speak it, but thats just my opinion of course.

WTF are you talking about? Why cant I voice my displeasure with Race Horse owners and people who support them?

Horse racing is a form of entertainment, and it kills the horses against their will. I think owners of race horses are mostly sumbags. Considering a large # of racehorses are sold of as dog food I cant understand why you would disagree... If BArbaro wasnt such a popular horse your dog would be eating him for dinner tonight.

Hey I don't pay any attention to this stuff so forgive me if I'm wrong....but when these horses retire, don't they get to live a long and peaceful life getting laid as much as possible until they drop?

A few lucky ones, some others are lucky enough to get sold to a farm. All others are killed or sent to be killed and slaughtered for dog food.


take a look at that page and the rest of the site... dont fall for all the BS you hear about Horse racing, its a sick business.

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well, yeah, i have to admit, I was surfing around on drudgereport because it is a great source of free porn.

So what cool blog of the month do all the hip radical centrists go to for their news?

well they sure aren't a great source of news. sorry, i don't read blogs.

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