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WMo85FDSAFw Get off my internet.

i need rep help a brother out bp

i would never

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Anythiong I watch that is in anyway related to Big Brother makes me want to kill myself. It is the biggest load of crap ever IMO.

Irish Jet, you have to remember one thing. In the USA, they don't get BB shoved in their faces as much as we do over here. I think it gets it most hype from Jetsrule.

It's not on TV 24 hours a day, it doesn't make the front page of every newspaper, every news channel, people in the street don't talk about it, unlike Ireland and the UK.

You can escape from BB over there.

Personally, I would like to get the guys from Endemol who had the idea and marketed it, skin them alive, inject them with s**tloads of adrenaline, and leave them in a barrel of salt.

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Who the **** gives two ****s about this crap?!?!?!

how about you stop biting everyone's ****ing head off? You are nasty to everyone lately. You need to chill out.


Seriously IJ -- Just ignore it if you don't like it. You are a good poster but we need people to get along more. Just walk away from threads that you don't like.

This is the Lounge.

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Kaysar says he isn't even a jets fan and says GO COWBOYS! Thats like telling Jetsrule that Santa isn't real...

Oh and whats the deal with Howie having his arm around Kaysar the whole time. Jealous much 128?

howie is howie who knows what he is thinking

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