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****The Official Big Brother 16 Thread****®©™

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His posts might seem pointless and annoying, but maybe they wouldn't be if you followed Big Brother. You don't have to respond to my post, just think about what I'm saying sometime. I know you have a big report to do for tomorrow.

What does BB have to do with your posts about stalking those poor security guards at Hofstra?

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DanGheesling: Alright! I have never done a chat, but I figured I would pop in to the best BB site to do one first - how does this operation run?

DanGheesling: OK. Since the show has ended I have been trying to stop my head from spinning! I've gotten a lot of overwhelming support from great fans.

JJMtl thinks Dan's flipping at the screen moving so fast lol

DanGheesling: JJMtl, you are right.

Jokerette: yes you have MANY fans here )

DanGheesling: My family did say they were fond of Jokers and really told me to come here and talk to you guys, so thank them as well.

DanGheesling: And thank you to whoever had me hold a sign at the wrap party, forget the name?

DanGheesling: I guess that person was a big fan?

NFLFan314: Dan I wish it was you and Keesha in the final 2

maeve: love keesha beesha!

KeeKeeFTW: Dan I wish it was you and keesha at the end


DanGheesling: Team Deesha, hahahaha.

DanGheesling: OK - there will be some NEWS soon. Obviously something leaked about the RealPlayer Renegade interview.

DanGheesling: We just finalized the details today, it will be next Wednesday, I believe.

Duchess: are you gonna put yoru shorts on ebay? ----- you're assuming he's taken them off

DanGheesling: The shorts, ahhahaa...

LunaC wants to know if Dan posted or lurked on Jokers before going in the house

Jokerette: he did tell me he was on ju prior to house!

NFLFan314: Dan did you see that Keesha is already getting &322 on ebay for the cowduck you gave her.

@cricket: Dan did you read at Jokers before going in the house? We loved your shoutouts!!!

DanGheesling: I like to keep my fan happy, however, the shorts are my favorite thing from the BB house - I am undecided on them.

Schatter: Dan...you must have known about Jokers. You did a shoutout to them

DanGheesling: Did I know about Jokers before going into the house? No!!!! Of course not, did I check Jokers for any information on the cast days before I entered the house, NO WAY! I would never do such a thing.

NFLFan314: Dan Did you see that Keesha is already getting $322 for that cow duck you gave her on eviction night??????

DanGheesling: No, I did not see that about the duck, that's a lot of $$$!

DanGheesling: No, I haven't seen any of the feeds.

Schatter: Jockerette...*rosebud it's the shoutout word that Danielle used in allstars

Jokerette: oh i see ty!

DanGheesling: Wow, you guys don't miss anything! Rosebud was from a movie ---- anyone know the movie?

DanGheesling: I've taken multiple film study classes and enjoy the cinema.

Ivory_mist: have you talked to Renny

DanGheesling: I talked to Renny for the first time today - she's the best.

DanGheesling: In the near future, keep an eye out for a game, or contest if you will. Everyone knows I like to play games, so why not let you all get involved?

sammyf: what kind of game

wantscake: Jokers Roulette?

luvmykitties: BB fan Roulette?

DanGheesling: I will actually be giving away a few things to some fans, things from the house - but it will be in the form of a game, you know I have to make it interesting!

Touli: what did u do with the fake veto during the jury questions btw?

DanGheesling: OK - FAKE VETO - good question.

DanGheesling: I used it in my final speech, I heard it did not make the cut?

Cindy64: what did you say about the fake veto?

kashi: what did you say about the fake veto?

DanGheesling: Aww man, that was one of my greatest antics! I can't complain though, I've heard that I have a more than favorable edit on the show.

kathy4462: Your edit was good

roxylala: you had a great edit, but you're a great player/person so the edit was truthful

BBInsider1: Ohh i see Vern from Wisconsin is HERE!! lol

luvmykitties: so what did you do with the fake Veto (since we didn't see it)

DanGheesling: Vern from Wisconsin!!! It amazes me how much you guys do not miss!

Rainy: lol dan, i tried to call in as Vern

BoomerMcGee: Dan!! Verne has a MySpace page!!

heckyeahfool: Verne has been a big part of Jokers for a while!

DanGheesling: When Memphis and I formed the Renegades, it was the night of the pillow attack on the girls. We went in the DR with Bandanas on, that didn't air either???

Cindy64: Dan- Have you watched any refeeds/shows yet?

DanGheesling: I have seen the first 2 episodes, that's about it. I have not seen any of the internet footage.

TinkerBee: watch some internet footage when you get a chance...

DanGheesling: Tinker, anything in particular that I should watch?

LunaC: lots of the internet footage has been taken down....CBS cracked down on youtibes this season....but there's still lots you can find if you want to

heckyeahfool: Some of Jerry on the feeds will blow you away, Dan

roxylala: jerry will be interesting to watch...

heckyeahfool: he is so not the same person he let people believe

TinkerBee: Some of what MICHELLE said on the feeds will blow you away also, Dan

DanGheesling: Ah, I take that back, hahaha, I have seen Jerry falling in the pool, someone sent me that in e-mail.

Schatter: Dan...the one thing I'd like to say before you leave or something is that YOU were a HG who managed to win the game without disparaging others or using the F word every other word or making personal attacks. I thank you very much for that

DanGheesling: Thanks Schatter, just tried to play it like a game, some people got wrapped up in it.

pfrsccmore: dan do u miss the spiders ???

DanGheesling: What makes you think I don't have one of the spiders?

DanGheesling: I heard I got blasted online after making the deal with Ollie? You guys thought I was going to go through with it huh?

DanGheesling: Are all chats like this, it is hard for me to follow?

Cindy64: Have you and Memphis launched the Renegades clothing line yet?

DanGheesling: Cindy, good question - Renegade clothing.

Cindy64: Is there a website for Renegade Clothing?

DanGheesling: We are about 95% done, and lets just say you will SEE it soon.

DanGheesling: Anymore last minute questions?

bee75: Tons Dan..visit your chatroom at the renegades site!!!!!!!

DanGheesling: What Renegades site?

heckyeahfool: Rengade Fan Forum

roxylala: go to your section on Jokers and it's there

DanGheesling: Allen Park in the house! I used to work in Allen Park for a summer.

DanGheesling: Oh, if anyone is in Michigan - I will be on WRIF tomorrow morning!

bb: Angtown set up the Renegades forum I think

DanGheesling: www.wrif.com

DanGheesling: I should be on around 8:00am.

heckyeahfool: http://www.renegadesbb10.proboards106.com/

DanGheesling: Also keep an eye on my good friend's blog, www.mooretosay.com --- exclusive interview soon

losingmyway: DAN! Please do a video chat soon!

DanGheesling: Video chat?

pfrsccmore: talk to keesha about a userplane chat

GaryFTW: userplane cate

SuzyHomemaker: You need a webcam...

DanGheesling: SuzyHomemaker - thanks for all the support!

DanGheesling: Nice work with the Renegade Fan board - I will try to post on their soon.

DanGheesling: I will have a new blog posted soon...but I will leave you with this

DanGheesling: Everyone knows I like to play games, well who better to play games with then all of you, any of the Dan/Renegade fans may rememeber that there were 3 Tye Dye shirts made.

SuzyHomemaker: yea...one is on ebay

DanGheesling: Suzy - did her homework, one is on eBay.

DanGheesling: One was given away.

DanGheesling: The last, and best Renegade shirt will be given away, or shall I say earned.

DanGheesling: With that, I bid you all a fond farewell and remember...a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

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He entered the house with drums banging and guns blazing.

He pronounced his religious beliefs, as a Catholic high school teacher, in perfect accord with his political viewpoint, saying he would leave the United States if Hillary Clinton was ever elected president.

When the country was first introduced to Dearborn resident and 2001 Divine Child grad Dan Gheesling, opinions of him ranged somewhere between arrogant and ****y, as if there was much difference.

But now, some three months later, the CBS reality show and Big Brother 10 winner is being hailed as one of the game

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Loser. No one ****ing cares HERE on these boards. Go ****ing stalk them somewhere else. ****ing loser.

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it doesn't love the Jets. It loves bigbrother. Go post on kaysar's board or some other board for freaks like yourself. I know you're banned from most of them, but I'm sure you can find another. Hell, start your own forum.

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do you like the interview


It's like you, useless and worthless.

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Alright, so I may have left you hanging a little longer than expected, hahaha. Things have been very hectic between getting back to "real-life" and decompressing from the Big Brother house. It has definitely been an adjustment, but all is going well. I appreciate all the fan support, it is STILL overwhelming to have people come up to me in public, but if I can put a smile on someone's face I will do my best to do so!

I have been getting a lot of offers to do everything under the sun, from appearances, to hosting, to things you wouldn't believe! I am taking time to sort through these things and there are some very interesting deals in progress (can't talk about them, yet!). I've had a chance to do some things around here in Michigan, which has been a blast. Thanks to WRIF for having me on the air again, Detroit Metromix for the invite to the Jay-Z After Party, Mooretosay.com, the Dearborn Press and Guide, C & G News, and the MSU Alumni Magazine. The support back in Michigan has been great and it is good to be home!

I am still working through all of the e-mails and letters that were sent to me, thank you to all the fans for sending them, you all are the best!

Speaking of fans, here are the two most prevalent questions that I get all the time so let me answer them:

1) How do I get on Big Brother? Do you have any advice for my audition tape?

My advice is to be yourself in the audition tape and bring a lot of energy! My path to Big Brother was a long and drawn out one, over a few years. A lot of the Big Brother casting has to do with timing, so if you don't make it the first time, don't give up! Also, do not try to do what I did and give the producers what they want to hear! Just be yourself and roll the dice!

2) How can I get an autograph?

Thanks for being patient with this question! If you would like an autograph, send a self addressed, stamped envelope, ALONG with a note saying who to personalize the autograph to (I will not respond to non-personalized autographs, sorry) the following address:

Dan Gheesling

ATTN: Autographs

PO Box 2099

Dearborn, MI 48123

As far as the episodes go, I have only had a chance to watch the first few. It is strange seeing what we lived through, edited with background music, and diary room sessions, but it is hilarious nonetheless.

Memphis and are doing an interview together this Wednesday night in Seattle (10/6/08) with Real Player at 9:00 PM EST

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Do you realize no one here cares about Big Brother except you?

i am sure lil bit special will be at the chat tonight

he and michelle have a bond

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i am sure lil bit special will be at the chat tonight

he and michelle have a bond

I'll be there... but I will be using a different name to cover my tracks....

See if you can figure out who i am....

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I'll be there... but I will be using a different name to cover my tracks....

See if you can figure out who i am....

i will be a little late but i will be there

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Congratulations for tracking down the contest page!

Everyone knows Dan likes to play games, so it's time to get you all involved. You can win the shirt Dan designed for the fans inside the Big Brother house with a little creativity.

You do not have to be the best painter, illustrator, or poet to win this contest. You just have to be creative and possibly use some Dan-like antics!

So what is the contest?

Create the most unique video montage, painting, drawing, banner, poem, or whatever you can think of revolving around The Renegades, Memphis, or Dan! It can be computer designed, or designed traditionally.

This contest was designed to inspire creative thinking, innovation, and to reward the loyal fans of Big Brother!

How do I submit my artwork?

You MUST label each submission (one per person) with the following:


E-Mail Address

Title of Artwork

You can submit your piece to either: renegade.contest@gmail.com or mail your entry to:

Dan Gheesling

ATTN: Renegade Contest

PO Box 2099

Dearborn, MI 48123

So how do I win?

All submissions will be judged by the Renegades and the Top 3 submissions will win.

1st Place - The Last Remaining Tye Dye Shirt created by Dan

2nd Place - An Official Renegade Wear Shirt & Lollipop from the Big Brother House signed by Dan

3rd Place - Lollipop from the Big Brother House signed by Dan

Good luck!

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af2 begins looking toward 10th anniversary season with special fan logo design contest

The arenafootball2 (af2) league has officially begun preparations for its 10th anniversary season with a special logo design contest open to all af2 fans across the country and beyond, it was announced today by the League.

The contest officially begins today (Monday, October 6) and ends on Friday, October 24. The af2 will only accept high resolution, full-color entries in the following formats:

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new blog by dan

Contest Details & Autograph Clarification & Renegade Wear

Current mood: grateful

Real quick, here is the rest of the information for the contest:

The deadline for the Renegade contest is November 16th. All entries must be received by then.

Where is the contest located? If you can't figure out the riddle the answer is at the bottom of this blog!

Those who are interested in getting an autograph, you need to send a self addressed stamped envelope (either 5x7 or 8x10 size) to:

Dan Gheesling

ATTN: Autographs

PO Box 2099

Dearborn, MI 48123

Don't forget to include a note as to who to address the autograph to, you may also send items that you want autographs but remember to included a return package.

Renegade Wear launches today! Check it out at:


Take care,


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That store is so gay. All they did was put "Renegades" on tshirts? Only a complete moron or retard would buy something like that.

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That store is so gay. All they did was put "Renegades" on tshirts? Only a complete moron or retard would buy something like that.

i agree

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