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Philly: Deadliest Massacre since 'Crackhouse Massacre'

johnny green balls

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moral of the story-- when a psycho with a gun says he prefers Geno's cheesteaks do not argue with him that Pat's is better (which they are)!!!



Police identify 3 Navy Yard victims No names yet on the gunman, who shot himself, or a victim who's in critical condition.

By Vernon Clark, Marcia Gelbart and Peter Mucha

Inquirer Staff Writers

Police have identified the three men who were fatally shot during a company board meeting last night inside a commercial building at the Navy Yard.

They are:

Mark Norris, 46, of Piles Grove, N.J.; president and CEO of Zigzag Net, the building's primary occupant.

Robert Norris, 41, of Newark, Del., vice president of business development for Watson International, the company having the meeting.

James Reif, 42, of Endicott, N.Y.

A fourth victim, whose name is being withheld, was still in critical condition this morning at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, police said.

The name of their alleged killer, whom police say shot himself to death during last night’s confrontation, is expected to be released later today. A news briefing is scheduled for 1 p.m.

Police said the shootings occurred about 8:30 p.m. at 5131 S. 11th St. in a structure known as Building 79, a former Navy procurement office that, like many of the warehouse-type buildings at the former Navy base and shipyard, is now home to private businesses.

At the scene last night, Deputy Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the gunman opened fire during a regularly scheduled meeting on the second floor. Police believe the gunman was a participant in the meeting, Ross said.

Police did not disclose the relationship between the shooter and the victims, but said the shootings happened after a dispute broke out during the meeting.

"It appeared that the shooter was upset over something that was going on inside the business," Ross said.

The cause "appeared to be something concerning money," Ross said.

A police source said there were six people in attendance, including the shooter. The gunman reportedly confronted the other board members with an allegation of fraud and then shot three of them dead, and a fourth possibly by accident.

One of the victims was shot seven times.

The police source said the gunman used an AK-47 assault rifle on the victims, then went outside and retrieved a .40-caliber pistol, which he later used in an exchange of fire with police.

He then took the two survivors into another room and bound them with duct tape, but otherwise left them alone.

The two survivors were being interviewed by homicide detectives last night. Ross said one had been so tightly bound that police had to cut him free.

The scene inside the conference room was "utter chaos," Ross said.

Police said they think Watson is an investment company.

When police arrived, they exchanged gunfire with the shooter inside the building as he stood about 100 yards away at an office door. He then went behind the door, and police were not sure if they had hit him, Ross said.

Officers at the scene called for SWAT support. At that point, someone from inside the building came from behind the shooter and told police that he was dead.

Police said the fatal wound was self-inflicted.

"This is a tragic situation," Ross said, "one that you always hope would not hit Philadelphia. Unfortunately, today it did."

The wounded man arrived at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital about 9 p.m. with multiple wounds.

A spokesperson said the man underwent surgery but remained in critical condition.

About 10:30, a woman leaped out of a police vehicle and was hustled into Jefferson's emergency-room entrance at 10th and Sansom Streets.

Building 79's primary occupant is Zigzag Net Inc., a Web site development company involved in advertising. It was unclear last night what the relationship was between Zigzag and Watson International, but officials indicated that they might have been business partners.

John Grady, senior of vice president of Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp., which is in charge of leasing space at the Navy Yard, said Building 79 is a 10,000-square-foot, two-story building on the waterfront. About a year ago, Zigzag leased 5,000 square feet on the second floor.

The shootings occurred inside Zigzag's space.

Last night's shootings was the worst single incident since the Lex Street massacre of December 2000, when 10 people were gunned down inside a West Philadelphia crackhouse, seven of them fatally.

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Those shootings were actually tied to a real estate deal up here. They were partners in the purchase of a country club in Binghamton. I guess the shooter thought he was getting screwed. They're ALL screwed, now.

screwed for gettin shot or for buying land in binghamton? ;)

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