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If you could Punch Anyone in the face who would it be and why?


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No Max on that list?

I was hoping someone would ask that question. This would affect him indirectly. With all of the mods having swollen jaws there would be nobody left to service Max for a few days. I think he would rather take the punch in the mouth. :lol:

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Sperm Edwards



Don't shoot the messenger just sayin' what everyone else is thinkin'. :lol:

Do you not realize the weight advantage we have? We can kick all your asses. Except for ecurb. He scares me.

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1. Tom "if I didnt have this O-line nobody would know my name" Brady

2. Phil "Brady is perfect" Simms

3. Carson "I am in no way funny" Daily

4. Mark Duper

5. Jimmy "wreck a thon" Johnson

6. Wesley Snipes

7. Bill "hobo hoodie" Belichick

8. Carrot Top

9. Ray Lewis

10. The guy on tv hocking his book for every ailment and weight problem.

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