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Probably won't happen but the first two picks are great. Sears is a fairly solid pick as well.

Pittman is a terrible pick IMO. If we're gonna draft a RB we shouldn't draft one that is undersized. At 195lbs (listed weight) he might be even lighter than Washington. And on top of that he doesn't really do anything great to make up for that. He's not really fast or powerful. He's an OK back but we don't need him we might as well stick with what we got. We should go after OLB or power back in this mock. We'd be better off with players like Dwayne Wright or Tony Hunt at RB or a pass rusher like possibly Woodley or another pass rushing OLB (can't think of one that would be available off the top of my head).

I don't like to argue 2nd day picks unless they're rediculous so I'll say solid 2nd day. The only thing I'll say is we probably wouldn't take a QB. We don't need another rookie QB in the mix. We would find another veteran to be 3rd string.

I'll give the draft a solid B since the first 2 rounds are very good.

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rd1:Adam Carriker DE Nebraska

rd2a:Aron Ross CB Texas

rd2b:Aaron Sears OG/OT Tennesee

rd3:Antonio Pittman RB Ohio State

rd5 David Ball WR New Hampshire

rd6:Jeff Rowe QB Nevada

rd7:Stanley Doughty DT South Carolina (great size for 3-4)

1st and 2nd A rounds are solid.

2nd B round is 50/50.

3rd round is good. he is not undersized anymore but speed after weight is conerned.

5th round is nada. Mangini wont go after small school unless high wonderlic is hard to ignore.

6th round is unnecessary. 3 qbs are set.

7th round is terrible. Doughty is a lazy bum. Spurrier did not even wish him a luck.

Overall, A-/B+ for day one and an F for day two.

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QB is not a bad idea at all. Ramsey is terrible. Mangini has stated there will be a QB competition. Ramsey in the mix could waste valuable tc snaps for Chad & Clemens. A 6th-round QB he could get away without truly wasting coach meetings & practice time with a 3-way instead of a 2-way competition.

I agree. They are probably more likely to draft a qb (late) if they Clemens than if they don't. If they aren't sold on Clemens as at least a solid backup/injury replacement they are going to want to stick with Ramsey over another rook.

PS: How do you rate a mock draft? Realism or value for the team?

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