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Skip 24 Hours....and All Hell Breaks Loose!

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HA! The TomShane FBI file is already like the Encyclopedia Brittanica, Sue. Like they'd flinch if I sent my nudes to somebody other than Hillary Clinton or Jim McGreevey (again). btw, What's your home address? I have some 8x10 glossies for you.

How about a Men of JetNation photo forum? This way all the "girls" here can see what they are missing! It doesn't have to be nude shots, but tastefully posed, almost portrait like shots of you, Max, Smizz, Dickie and any other man who wants to submit a pic. You could give out prizes like "Most Macho", "Most Sexy", "Most Make-up", well you get my drift.

Sounds like great publicity to me. :wink:

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I'm sorry I'm laughing too hard at Fat's new title "thread killer"! :lol::lol::lol:

C'mon Smizzy we all know you are a hottie, so if you got it flaunt it baby. :wink:

Just let me know so i can work off the extra winter weight i put on :wink:

My guess is everybody else would try to grab my johnson at the photo shoot.

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