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What are u listening to right now?

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Classic piece of 70s era r&r with one of my faves, The James Gang.  Of course Joe kicks ass.  But check out Jimmy Fox' drumming.  Very, very good rock drummer.  

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Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad by Delaney and Bonnie

Man I love Delaney and Bonnie. It sucks no one my age (23) listens to music like this anymore, it's such a damn shame.

Not sure if you would dig a cover, but I saw the Black Crowes do a version of this a couple times and it absolutely brought the place down.


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The Ting Tings

That's Not My Name

(I love Katie White)


Son of a bitch!!! That song was stuck in my head since last Saturday when i was out dancing, and i finally had it out. GAHH it's obnoxiously catchy! Damn you, i hope you can sleep tonight knowing the emotional & pyscological pain you've thrust upon me!

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