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What are u listening to right now?

The Gun Of Bavaria

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Continuing my punk rock top 5 front men (got stuck listening to a bunch of Social D. yesterday, lol).  Honestly, it's splitting hairs between this guy and Mike but Mike being around through my adult years too just give him the notch but hard to argue anyone was better than:




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And now you're saying but JiF, there are so many great punk leads that left who is it going to be?

The legendary Iggy Pop?  Nope. 

Greg Graffin of Bad Religion?  Nah

Keith Morris originally of Black Flag and then the Circle Jerks?  No.

David Johansen - New York Dolls? Nada.

Danzig of the Misfits?  Not quite....

Other great ones I havent mentioned but this one is special, especially considering the boundaries they broke in the scene;

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8 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Nice, local band. Maybe the Washington Bad Brains? Skins new name? 

I'd probably quit the Jets for the Bad Brains.  lol

It really is a great fit. Apparently they didnt have an HR dept., so hire H.R. to run sh*t.  lol.    He'd field an all rastafarian roster. 

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1 hour ago, JiF said:

H. R. - Bad Brains


The sound quality on this video sucks but is there a more get you amped intro to a song ever?   Whenever I get ready to skate or surf and need a little extra juice to get going...it's these 2 songs who have equally incredible intros to pure amp.

Better quality version:


and then this intro....


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As long as we are doing the punk thing, I will add one of my favorties from way back in the day.  Yesterday I contirbuted a couple by Patti Smith, punk's poet laureate.  Now one from Richard Hell and the Voidoids


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You guys want punk?  I don't think there has ever been any band who has taken the genre to its insane extreme as The Plasmatics.  Wendy O. Williams was completely out of her mind, as was guitarist Richie Stotts in ballet tutu or French maid's outfit.  Music was on par with an out of control buzz saw.

Saw them back in the day in a small NYC club.  At one point, Wendy comes out holding a shotgun and starts firing off blanks into the crowd.  Or at least what we hoped were blanks.  Phenomenal show that night.  RIP Wendy.


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