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What are u listening to right now?

The Gun Of Bavaria

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7 hours ago, AFJF said:




"The lead vocal is by folk singer Roy Harper. Roger Waters' voice was shot from recording "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," and David Gilmour did not want to sing this, so they asked their friend Harper, who was recording down the hall, to help them out. Gilmour recalled to Mojo magazine October 2011: "Roger had a go at singing it and one or two people were unkind about his singing. One or two people then asked me to have a go at it. I did, but I wasn't comfortable. I had nothing against the lyrics. Maybe the range and intensity wasn't right for my voice. I can distinctly remember Roy leaning on the wall outside Abbey Riad, while we were nattering away and (growls) 'Go on, lemme have a go, lemme have a go.' We all went, 'Shut up Roy.' But eventually we said, 'Go on then, Roy, have your bloody go.' Most of us enjoyed his version, though I don't think Roger ever liked it." "

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4 hours ago, Dcat said:



The little old dancing guy in the gray sportcoat's full time job was Spanish interpreter in New York City criminal courts. Nice guy. Attorneys and cops always recognized him and gave him props ;  he would smile back when you brought up "Love Shack". But doubt any of the Spanish-speaking defendants he was  helping had  any idea about his celebrity. 

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