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What are u listening to right now?

The Gun Of Bavaria

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8 hours ago, pdxgreen said:

Not a fan of Springsteen much.  But he def. knows how to write a tune.  This number for the Ashbury Jukes is a pub rock classic.  Little Steven is channeling Brian Robertson from Thin Lizzy on that solo.


I'm not a Bruce fan either.  Since way back when he started, I just always saw him as a Vagas act.  lately, I'm starting to appreciate him more.  For some reason I can't get this song out of my head'   Playing it on my guitar right now.


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On 9/15/2020 at 9:37 AM, munchmemory said:

Have been listening to the legendary,  late Townes van Zandt  a lot lately.   The term is used ofen, and attributed to those who don't deserve the accolade, but this guy was a true American original.   Like he embodied the great Hank Williams who's song he covers here.

Song starts at approx. 1:00.


Fukkin LOVE Townes Van Zandt   Learned of him after I bought Lyle's "Step inside this House" where he covers a TON of Texas tunes. YOU MUST buy Step inside this House if you love Townes Van Zandt. 



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