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What are u listening to right now?

The Gun Of Bavaria

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my all time favorite Steely Dan song.


Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who have put off entering paradise in order to help others attain enlightenment. There are many different Bodhisattvas, but the most famous in China is Avalokitesvara, known in Chinese as Guanyin.

Bodhisattvas are usually depicted as less austere or inward than the Buddha. Renouncing their own salvation and immediate entrance into nirvana, they devote all their power and energy to saving suffering beings in this world. As the deity of compassion, Bodhisattvas are typically represented with precious jewelry, elegant garments and graceful postures.

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4 minutes ago, Peace Frog said:

Listened to Jeff Beck Truth this weekend.  Forgor how good that album is.

That record is ridiculous, especially if you factor in the era and the band lineup.  Rod Stewart, Mickey Waller and Woodsy playing bass?  lol  How insane is that?   I bought Truth as a double record set with Beck-Ola.

If you're a Beck fan, I hope you have seen his shows at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.  I was left with my jaw on the floor.  And again, what a friggin' band.   Vinny C. on drums?  Damn.

Always an innovator with a unique approach, Beck went to another planet with his guitar phrasing and technique.  No one touches this guy.


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