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What are u listening to right now?

The Gun Of Bavaria

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1 hour ago, munchmemory said:

If Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Husker Du had a baby.

Mike Ness would clearly be flattered.  He's got a lot of depth IMO.  Ive heard him say that the Stones and the Ramones the two bands that shaped Social Distortion, the groove of the Stones and the way Johnny attacked the guitar...blues based rock n roll w/ melodies.  He said the 5 songs that influenced his guitar playing are Gimmie Shelter, Ziggy Stardust, Bad Company, Commando, God Save the Queen.



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1 hour ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

The Clash are my Beatles. 

On a more serious level, I appreciate and enjoy the Beatles but they've never been that high on all time favs, in fact, I like other bands from that era much more.  That said, I understand what you're saying and totally agree.  As someone revisiting both bands because of my age, I much more gravitate toward The Clash.  The urgency, uniqueness, consciousness, attitude, etc.  I also attribute The Clash for introducing me to so many different genres and bands that I would say summarizes my library of music not just that I listen to but also play.  For example, I had to paint a room yesterday, asked Alexa to play Clash radio, I heard everything from; The Who, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones to the New York Dolls, Ramones, Sex Pistons, Police to Bob Marley, Toots, Peter Tosh, etc. 

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