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Titans GM: It's possible `Pacman' won't be on roster in 2007

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February 23, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Adam "Pacman" Jones, entangled in a triple shooting at a Las Vegas strip club, might not be on the Tennessee Titans' roster next season.

Mike Reinfeldt, the team's new general manager, was asked at the NFL Combine about Jones' status after reports of the cornerback's involvement in the mayhem. He replied: "I would assume there is that potential."


The Titans have declined to comment on Monday's episode and coach Jeff Fisher tried to avoid questions on Jones by starting with an explanation of why he couldn't comment.

Jones, who is under contract through 2009, has not been charged in connection with the shootings that left one man paralyzed. But police seized more than $81,000 in bills that they say belongs to Jones and sparked the melee and the shooting.

Jones was showering more than 40 strippers onstage early Monday with cash "intended as a visual effect," a search warrant said. But a scuffle broke out when the Houston promoter who hired the strippers told them to pick up the money.

The promoter, identified as Chris Mitchell, and a male associate took a plastic trash bag containing Jones' money and walked out the front door, the warrant says. Police recovered the money and two watches inside a safe at Mitchell's hotel room Monday.

Club co-owner Robert Susnar has said the gunman arrived with and left with Jones and his party.

Jones was questioned late Monday night by Las Vegas police. His attorney, Worrick Robinson of Nashville, said he is not a suspect. Jones was allowed to leave Las Vegas on Tuesday but has hired attorney Manny Arora of the Atlanta law firm of Garland, Samuel and Loeb, P.C. as his lead counsel.

That firm has represented several high-profile athletes, including Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis in 2000.

Fisher said he has not talked with Jones, and the Titans are leaving the investigation to Las Vegas police. This is the eighth time Jones has at least been interviewed by police since the Titans drafted him with the sixth pick overall in 2005.

"There have been numerous incidents, but once we're able to gather the facts on this one, we'll be able to address his future and those other types of things," Fisher said.

Criminal charges have been lodged against Jones three times over nightclub altercations. Charges were dismissed in two of the cases, but in the third Jones was ordered to stay out of trouble until July 5 if he wants his criminal record cleared of public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges.

Jones led the NFL in punt returns last season and tied a franchise record with three returned for touchdowns. He also is the Titans' best cornerback.

The latest altercation has forced the Titans to spend crucial time discussing Jones and less time on the draft picks and players they are evaluating at the combine.

"We've spent a lot of time talking about this internally, and that is time we could have been talking about draft picks, but weve spent time on it because it is a concern," Reinfeldt said.


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I just got finished reading this on the net myself. It's unbelieveable how these morons can just throw their careers away. At the least this Douche Bag should go to jail for violating the terms of his last probation. I'm sure this story isn't over yet and will only get better.

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i read their asking a 3rd rounder for him. id do it just stick him in a cage in the off season

You're not serious are you? I'm pretty sure they'll let the dust settle a little and see how everything shakes out before they offer him for a draft pick. After all he is their best cover corner and PR warts and all.

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i hope ten releases him b/c he is a top 10 cb in the nfl right now and with the right mentoring i think he can shed this reputation id be happy if the jets went after him

You'd think being around Jeff Fischer would be a pretty great influence but I think the guy might need some kind of psychological help. The guy basically has his life set, he's got a ton of money and is a great football player, why he would make such terrible decisions just makes no sense.

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i hope ten releases him b/c he is a top 10 cb in the nfl right now and with the right mentoring i think he can shed this reputation id be happy if the jets went after him

The Jets going after him has about as much chance of happening as Britney Spears resurrecting her career. There is NO WAY Mangini even takes a look at him...

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You guys can`t be serious, this piece of sh*t is going to jail. With a name like PAC MAN,he`s going to be a very popular inmate in prison!

Sanity at last.

Theres a chance he may never play in the league again. Certainly there are various players across differnt teams that have voiced their concerns about idiots like him.

3 strikes and your out (of the NFL) has been mentioned.

Pacman a Jet??? No thanks ,HANK POTEAT!!!!!

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